Cascade Premium Funding in affiliation with Succession Capital Alliance

Preserve and grow your clients’ wealth with the proprietary
and nationally recognized Capital Maximization Strategy℠ exclusively provided by Succession Capital Alliance.

Whether you have a client who can benefit from premium financing for the first time or they have a premium financing program in place now, we can design the best solution with lower loan rates to optimize their rate of return and improve their cash flow.

Our clients most commonly use third-party premium financing for:

Funding Buy-Sell and
Key-Man arrangements

wealth transfer

tax planning

giving maximization

Estate equalization


Capital Maximization Strategy

The customized Capital Maximization Strategy℠ delivers a powerful, flexible and efficient option for permanent life insurance premium payments.

Intelligent Leverage™
The core of the Capital Maximization Strategy℠ is Intelligent Leverage™ ­– financing policy premiums through a custom loan tailored to your client’s unique circumstances and objectives. Intelligent Leverage™ can:

  • Reduce immediate out-of-pocket cost
  • Leverage the policy’s internal value
  • Liberate cash and capital for existing or emergent opportunities
  • Mitigate gift tax exposure for trust-owned policies
  • Increase the policy’s death benefit and IRR on cash value

Policy Audit and Policy Restructuring
Over time, old policies can lose their effectiveness. We can review your client’s existing policies, identify underperformance and weakness, and suggest ways of improving the portfolio’s value. In many cases an existing policy may be restructured to make it more efficient by discounting the out-of-pocket cash flow, increasing the overall death benefit, and creating a line of credit to free up assets.

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