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A 60-year-old widow with a gross estate of just over $47M cared deeply about several charitable organizations and wanted to leave as much as she could to each of them. She also wanted her children to receive the full value of the estate she and her husband worked so hard to build.


With multiple concerns here, the decision was made to establish an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust that would be funded with a $34M life insurance policy. The language of the trust would dictate how the proceeds would be allocated upon her passing. A portion would be allocated toward satisfying the projected estate tax bill preserving the value of her estate for her children and a portion would be allocated towards the charitable organizations she cared so deeply about. The policy was funded using a premium financing strategy that collateralized her existing net worth without interruption to any of her existing holdings.


The result for our client was a win on several fronts. The program allows her to pass on the full value of her estate to her children while also providing significant funding for multiple charitable organizations. We like to refer to this as “A Heroic Way to Make an Ingenious Gift.

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