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By the age of 47, an entrepreneur had amassed a net worth of just over $30M through sound investments and one start-up home run. Looking ahead at the next 30+ years of his life he wanted to reap the rewards of his financial success while still leaving a substantial sum for his heirs.


After consulting with his CPA and our team, he decided to acquire a $20M life insurance policy for himself that would be funded through a premium financing program. Our client viewed this as a Spend Down plan that would allow him to live life and spend his money enjoying life, all the while knowing the proceeds from the policy will provide for his heirs without having to liquidate any investments to pay the annual premiums out of pocket.


The result was piece of mind for our client. He wanted to be sure that his family would be provided for financially and he would be free to spend his money wisely or frivolously if he chose to do so.

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